When it comes to planning, organizing, scheduling, arranging permits, booking pay duties, consolidating, controlling, distributing, following up, and reporting, TOTAL draws on many, MANY years of hands on practical experience to manage your project to run smooth and efficient. Let us take the worry away. You have more important tasks to manage and logistics, well, that’s our task to manage for you. It’s always too late the think about having the elevator technician on-call or standby when the elevator just broke down in the middle of your move. Oh, and what if your critical servers are stuck on the elevator? Our experience is here and available for you to take advantage of. We can help.


Warehousing & Storage Services

To support the needs of our customers, we offer short term storage, long term storage as well as provide a complete warehouse distribution service. In this case once again, size does not matter. We will inventory and store the smallest part or the largest piece. Our warehouse floor has been set up to provide either storage in racks based on industry standard sizes, oversized pieces based on the demands of our customers, and floor loading for even larger items. From this point we will provide distribution best at the Bulgaria, Greece and Romanian market as well.You can stay in touch with the status of your storage and shipments 24/7.


  • Fast european delivery

  • End-to-end solution available

  • Safety & Compliance